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Saturday, April 25, 2020
9am - 4pm
Historic Bulloch Hall, Roswell

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Purchase unique gifts, garden decor, and plants from exciting vendors!  Our 2020 vendors include:

Atlanta Carnivorous Gardens - offering primarily Venus flytraps (Dionaea muscipula) and North American Pitcher Plants (Sarracenia), but also some sundew species (drosera). These unique plants are often surprisingly easy to grow in our climate with only a few basic requirements despite their history as novelty plants that are difficult to maintain. The owner of the business, Kirk, grows over 200 flytraps in his front yard in metro Atlanta along with a diverse collection of Sarracenia and sundews.  Our mission is to show the surrounding communities that these unique, critically threatened species are surprisingly easy to grow and strikingly beautiful.

Autumn Hill Nursery - Hybrid teas, grandiflora, and floribunda roses. Rose fertilizer.

Colonial House of Flowers - Whimsical. Joyful. Simple. Elegant. Hand curated container collection. And, a Living Jewelry Bar with botanical jewelry you can make yourself. 

Daylily Society of Greater Atlanta - bare root daylilies provided by club members

DelVecchio Nursery - Grafted Japanese Maples.

Donna Grammas Pottery - Handmade pottery. Mostly functional pieces. Cups, bowls, plates, casserole dishes, roasting dishes, soap dispenser, wall sconces, plant wall pockets, and more.

Fancynest - handcrafted 5 pole birdhouse designs, 8 hanging birdhouse designs, 2 bird feeder designs, bat houses, carpenter bee traps, and butterfly houses.

Flighty Birdhouse Lady - Handmade cedar Birdhouses with hand cut metal artwork applied. Whimsical, functional one of a kind. 1 to 6 bedroom homes with hand made iron stands.

Hometown Honey, Inc. - 100% pure raw honey, beeswax candles, honey candy, bee pollen, honey sticks, and other bee related products from 9 farms of beehives.

Horizons America/Ironwood Tool - Garden tools and accessories

I G Nursery - Growing rare & unusual plants including Japanese maples, conifers, flowering shrubs & trees, perennials, mixed containers, heirloom veggie plants & more!

Jilly Willy’s Creations - We offer a design your own windchime station where customers get to participate in helping create their own unique windchime made from recycled metals.

Lone Wolf's Den Farm, Greenhouse, and Gardens - Antique roses, native plants, ferns, herbs, hostas, hydrangeas, lots of pollinator plants. Everything grown organically or naturally. Handmade soap that we make from the plants that we grow.

Meadowood Farm -  lavender plants, dried handmade lavender crafts, lavender hand balm, and sachets filled with our North Georgia grown lavender buds

Miae's Garden Goodies - Plants are: Hardy Hibiscus, Baptisia Alba, Rose, Angel Trumpet(pink, yellow), Woodland Phlox, Mexican Petunia(Pin, White and Purple), Confederate Rose, St. Johns Wort, Rose of Sharon, Korean Wild Mum, Siberian Iris, Obedient, Carolina Allspice and Flower seeds

Sangrit Enterprises - Fortified Worm Castings, Liquid Humate, 5-gallon 'Tea' Brewers, and consultation.

Silvers Elbert Nursery - a family-run nursery, active in local and national Hosta organizations. Their goal for the last 28 years has been to offer the best, newest and hard to get Hosta at reasonable prices with great customer service.

Soil3 - Soil3 organic humus compost that is OMRI rated. It comes in a cubic yard bag. It is made from our grass clippings from our sod farms, wheat straw from our farms and cow manure from a local dairy farmer we contract with. It is heat processed to 160 degrees. It is also inoculated with beneficial microorganisms.

Sunny in Georgia - A fun + unique apparel and accessories brand based out of Canton, GA. We design all graphics on quality garments that you will love to wear! Tee shirts/onesies/youth clothing

Thyme On My Hands, LLC - Floral aprons & towels, garden stakes and rain gauges, birdhouses & feeders, gardening gloves, hats, seeded gift cards, herb markers, and more.

The Tower Garden - Aeroponic growing system for produce

Trellis Horticultural Therapy Alliance - Trellis provides therapeutic gardening programs to individuals with disabilities

autumn hill  Thyme on my hand  supersod Lone Wolf Den

 Meadowood Farm  Home Town Honey       

Trellis Horticultural Alliance      Silvers-Elbert Nursery          Oli and Vi

Sangrit Enterprises Miae's Gardening Goodies Sunny in Georgia Daylily Society

Delvecchio Ironwood Tools Tower Garden Atlanta Carnivorous Gardens


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